Workshop ‘The dramaturgy of the poisoned workplace.’

Clarifying light on psychosocial work stress.
How an individual disables healthy employees, undermines the functioning of a team or organization and how to signal this.

In this informative Workshop we shed light on moral intimidation and aggression in the work place, and discuss:

  • What bullying essentially is.
  • Why serial bullying is probably the most occurring cause of bullying  in organizations
  • Why it is important that you learn to recognize serial bullying
  • What the underlying motives are of serial bullying.
  • What patterns and symptoms go with it.
  • Which tactics and strategies are used by serial bullies.
  • What misconceptions there are about victims and perpetrators.
  • How to best respond to targets.
  • How you can work with a victim to build a credible case.
  • How to prevent (escalation of) conflict between your organization and victims.
  • How bystanders unnoticed, or willingly, become instrument or supporters of the serial bully

Serial bullying mostly happens subtly and indirect. Deceit is common. Due to lack of knowledge about serial bullying in the work place its consequences are undervalued, and intervention mostly has an ill and escalating effect.

Lecture experience expert Sexual- and Moral Intimidation.
In the last part of the program Karin Bosman will deliver a lecture. She talks about her experience with Sexual- and moral Intimidation by a serial bully at her former job. Furthermore she will share her insights and knowledge about Sexual Intimidation and its approach. karin will gladly answer questions.

What you may expect from this workshop.
You will get clarifying and grounded information, exemplified with imaginative real life cases and examples of good – and bad practices. You will be given the opportunity to share experiences and there will be room for questions, discussion and reflection.

After visiting this workshop:

  • You can work on well considered workplace bullying policy.
  • You will more able to value or recognize complaints about bullying or aggression.
  • You will be enabled to approach bullying methodically.
  • You will know why and where you must take back direction and control.
  • You know to help your employee/ client prioritize in the interest of  preservation of vitality and/or return in the employment process.

For whom
HR professionals, Staffing professionals, organization counselors, compliance officers, managers, (Labor – (health)) service providers

More information
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About the workshop leaders:

Niek Vink and Yolanda de Greeuw
After an experience with serial Bullies turned our lives upside down, we immersed ourselves in the phenomenon serial bullying in the past two years. We rely on the work of amongst others Marie France Hirigoyen, Tim Field, Andrea Adams, Gary en Ruth Namie, Martha Stout, Robert Hare, Hervey M Cleckley, own experience and analysis and experience stories of third parties.
More information:

Karin Bosman worked as an account manager in advertisement business for 20 yearsShe is now self employed. She wrote a book about her personal experience with Sexual Harrasment and Moral Intimidation:  ‘Spitting on Hans’ Tosti.’ Karin receives international as well as national appreciation and media attention for her pervasive story and message. She has been delivering lectures in different countries.
Extensive bio:

For her lectures on Sexual Harassment Karin relies on her own experience and analysis and the work of Carla Goosen and Louise I. Gerdes.

Karin keeps a blog:

Her translated book can be obtained here.